I will love you .. come what may

I wrote this poem on 14jan 2003… one of my earlier works… probably why nothing dark in it
I shall be there for you,forever and ever to come
To be with you always,to be not two but one
walk with you through lanes ahead dark and sly,
be with you through all your sorrows and strife.

We shall show the world,the strength that lies,
deep beneath our feelings for each other,in our eyes.
with the essence of each other,shall we live apart for a while,
but together in our hearts beating in unison,in our smile.

I have seen a life out there,free from care
filled with joys and happiness,and a lot to spare,
For long i have prayed,with only one thought in my mind,
A thought very divine,a thought “thou art mine”.

With the fear of the world our steps shall not quiver,
We shall fall on each other through horror and rise,not shiver.
Aboard the ship of hardships shall we make a world,
A world Utopian,replete with love,OUR WORLD.

there is a promise,my love,I make,far away though we stay
My love for you shall be always there,come what may.
For, O! my Love!,What the wall of thorns to cross,
If the mere touch of thy lay across.


  1. Beautifull,like always:-)

  2. @gauri thnx…

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